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Monofocal Aspheric Foldable Intraocular Lens 12.5mm Overall Length
  • Monofocal Aspheric Foldable Intraocular Lens 12.5mm Overall Length
  • Monofocal Aspheric Foldable Intraocular Lens 12.5mm Overall Length

Monofocal Aspheric Foldable Intraocular Lens 12.5mm Overall Length

Place of Origin China
Brand Name UV-LENS
Certification ISO13485, ISO9001
Model Number PCF60/A
Product Details
Overall Diameter:
Optic Diameter:
Haptic Type:
Modified C
Power Range:
Optic Design:
Aspheric, Monofocal
High Light: 

Monofocal aspheric foldable intraocular lens


Biconvex aspheric foldable intraocular lens


1.25cm Monofocal Aspheric Lens

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pcs
Packaging Details
170 pcs per box(Size: 47x48x39cm)
Delivery Time
40 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
10000 per month
Product Description

Aspherical Monofocal Foldable Intraocular Lens


Aspherical Monofocal Foldable Intraocular Lens can provide the sharpest vision at the field depth you choose, typically distance vision. Patients with monofocal IOLs don’t typically experience halos or glare around lights at night, as can be experienced with multifocal IOLs. 


Product Parameters

Product Aspherical Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lens
Manufacturer Henan Universe IOL R&M Co., Ltd
Model  PCF60/A
Overall Length (mm) 12.5
Optic diameter (mm) 6.0
Material Hydrophilic Acrylic
Optic Type Biconvex
Haptic anglulation
Haptic Type Modified “C” Loop
Edge Type 360° square edge


Product Features

  1. Top material: high purity Hydrophilic Acrylic from Contamac UK with excellent material uniformity, good biocompatibility, smooth surface, low silicone oil adsorption rate, bacteria and other sediments are not easy to adhere, no calcification and glistening.
  2. Zero spherical aberration: provides patients with improved contrast sensitivity in mesopic, photopic and dim light conditions.
  3. Excellent Stability: Medified C loop Provides excellent stability for the intraocular lens in the capsular bag.


1.What Are Intraocular Lens Implants?

An intraocular lens (IOL) implant is an acrylic replacement for your eye’s natural lens and takes over the image-focusing function in your eye.

2. How Long Do IOL Implants Last?

IOL implants are made from materials that do not break down over a person’s lifetime, so fortunately they do not need to be replaced. However, the treatment is reversible so implants can be exchanged if you are not experiencing acceptable improvement to your vision.

3.Are Lens Implants Safe?

While there is risk associated with surgery of any kind, it is rare to experience complications after an intraocular lens implant procedure.

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