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Company news about China's First Hydrophilic Preloaded IOLs Approved for Marketing

China's First Hydrophilic Preloaded IOLs Approved for Marketing


Latest company news about China's First Hydrophilic Preloaded IOLs Approved for Marketing



Henan Universe IOL R&M Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as our company) received a notification from the National Medical Products Administration(NMPA) of the approval of the registration certificate for the Preloaded Aspheric Intraocular Lens declared by our company, and the product was approved for marketing.


The intraocular lens is preloaded in the holder at the factory in standardization, so as to reduce the process of loading lenses during the operation compared with the traditional methed, improve the standardization operation level, avoid the failure of injection, and reduce the operation time. During the operation, medical staffs do not need to touch the intraocular lens, which reduces the chance of process contamination and reduces the incidenve of intraocular inflammation.


The design of the preloaded injection system neets the ergonomic requirments, with good controllability and more convenient operation, and meets 2.2mm mirco incision surgery, with small surgical astigmatism, quick recovery of postoperative vision, and improved postoperative visual quality.


The launch of the new product Preloaded Aspheric Intraocular Lens shows that Henan Universe, as an independent R&D and production enterprise of intraocular lenses in China, has always adhered to innovative research and development, continuously promoted product upgrades, kept close to the market, and met the needs of cataract patients for a high-quality postoperative life. 

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